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Maria~ One day I woke up with the idea to take the family around the world.

Once the bug got into my head I couldn’t shake it off. It surprised me that Kuba cheered me on. The kids (8 & 10) were psyched. Together we told all of our friends about our plan, to prevent us from flaking out, and then spent two years working our bums off and saving while waiting for our US passport application to get approved (originally I am from Bulgaria and Kuba is from Poland). The day we finally got sworn in as US citizens we bought a one way ticket to Tokyo, Japan. Our adventure started in December, 2013. Initially we thought that a year would be plenty, but I am typing this ‘about page’ 15 months into our trip. The more we travel the more comfortable we are with our nomadic lifestyle as a family.

We are taking this amazing adventure one day at a time, so what happens in the moment is the only thing that matters. Our plan at the moment is to return to ‘normal’ lifestyle in August 2015 so that Kuba and I can try to resurrect our architecture business and the kids can go back to school:)

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Raina~ I am 9 and I am so so shy, but I am not shy when I get started. I like CATS, sewing, making clothes for my dolls and crafting paper dolls from any paper. I like sweets too! 15 months of travel taught me that it is ok to be away from my friends because I make new friends every day!

People of the world, my name is Boryan and I am 12 years old. I like climbing, hiking, making things, the wilderness and everything else that has something to do with woods and nature. Even though I am travelling the world, my dream is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, hopefully soon! What I like about travelling is that we learn new things every day and that our days are always exciting, even when things don’t go as planned.

Kuba~ I’m obsessed with learning new things, especially sciency stuff, but history, geography and culture, which one is exposed to while traveling, are pretty obsession inducing as well:) Other things that I find interesting are music and architecture, especially in light of local cultures and different traditions.

Not surprisingly the world has delivered and I have enjoyed tremendously the mental and the sensory overload and the multitude of experiences in every place we have visited so far.