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Hello y’all,

I have been meaning to write this post for 4 months now but life got in the way. In order not to procrastinate it into the New Year I will hit the’Publish’ button without blabbering too much. Our budget table is finally completed! How accurate it is? Kuba did the accounting so you can trust that the numbers are pretty darn close to what we spent. If I was ‘doing the books’ we would be in a wide range of +- $10.000. Ok, enough said, let the numbers do the talking:)

Country Days Traveled Money Spent Average per Day
Japan 20 $3,545 $177
Thailand 30 $3,090 $103
Laos 26 $1,823 $70
Vietnam 30 $1,730 $57
Cambodia 24 $1,238 $51
Indonesia 28 $2,332 $83
Nepal 36 $2,137 $59
India 85 $6,279 $73
Sri Lanka 26 $1,828 $70
Istanbul 9 $865 $96
Bulgaria 24 $0 $0
Namibia 27 $3,542 $131
South Africa 51 $3,526 $69
Argentina 21 $2,867 $137
Bolivia 61 $6,180 $101
Peru 25 $2,100 $84
Colombia 63 $5,030 $80
Curacao 1 $103 $103
Dominican Republic 26 $2,894 $111
Total 613 $51,109 $83

Additional Expenses: $10,804 on airplane tickets: (Asheville – San Francisco; San Francisco – Tokyo, Osaka – Phuket, Thailand; Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Denpasar, Bali – Kathmandu, Nepal; Madurai, India – Colombo, Sri Lanka; Colombo, Sri Lanka – Istanbul, Turkey; Sofia – Windhoek, Namibia; Johanesburg, SA – Buenos Aires, Argentina). $1200 Santo Domingo – Charlotte and $1,991 on travel insurance for a year

So when you add it all up the final bill comes to $65,104 

How did we get to pay for all that? By renting our house. Thank you universe, thank you Lisa and Michelle for not giving up on us (they won’t read this but it is still good to give them a public thank you), thank you big dead tree for not falling on the roof but instead waiting patiently for our return, thank you zip line for not injuring an innocent child of a guest, thank you neighbors for putting up with strange people in the neighborhood, thank you Heather and family for giving fat and whiny Pushek a home.

And now I will cut the drama and hit the Publish button as I have to get to work like a good citizen, to use the words of my sweet friend Lindsey.

Love and peace to all,


4 thoughts on “THE Whole Entire Budget

  1. Super interesting, Maria. But wait, how did Dominican Republic become so expensive?! Kitesurfing lessons? xoxox great bookkeeping Kuba!

  2. Hello! I am trying to set a budget for my upcoming Peru trip and I wanted to know if your money spent is the total for all four of you?

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